Wed, 22 Apr 2009 17:23:23 -0700 David Smith Move AIPlugin.h into the pch as well; same reasoning
Sun, 10 Aug 2008 06:12:39 +0000 David Smith Oops. That was supposed to be the whole working copy, not the adium framework source...
Sun, 10 Aug 2008 05:39:33 +0000 David Smith Make AdiumContactPropertiesObserverManager a real class, rather than an auxiliary of AIContactController. This eliminates a bunch of pass-through methods in AIContactController, and hopefully makes separation of responsibilities somewhat clearer
Wed, 06 Aug 2008 09:24:25 +0000 David Smith svn 1.5 merge tracking is terrible. This is a manual merge of the Sparkle 1.5 branch into trunk