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Updated Italian localisation for 1.5rc2 from pi++. Fixes #15810. Fixes #15808.
Adium 1.5xx
 * Updated localisations: Italian (#15810, #15808).

Adium 1.5rc2
  * Fixed hang which could occur when receiving a message and opening the Transcript Viewer at the same time.
  * Renamed "Current Track" status to "iTunes Status" (known as "iTunes" prior to 1.5).
  * Fixed numerous memory leaks.
  * Fixed numerous Clang Analyzer warnings.

  * Updated localisations: German (##15586, #15733), Greek, Swedish (#15786).
  * Fixed localisation of a couple of emoticon names.

Adium 1.5rc1
  * Updated localisations: Catalan (#15770), Chinese (Traditional), Italian (#15758), Portuguese (Portugal) (#15721), Slovenian (#15772).
  * Fixed typos/misspellings in Russian localization. (#15769, #15571)

 Transcript Viewer
  * Fixed ghosting artifacts when scrolling transcript contents (while searching).
  * Fixed a potential crash when the log index failed to initialize while trying to delete a log.
  * Fixed a hang caused by two threads opening the same index simultaneously.

  * Added Aqualicious Graphite, a new contact list theme to match Mac OS X's Graphite style.
  * Added the generic menu items to the group chat cog button for XMPP groupchats.
  * Fixed "Show Toolbar" showing as disabled and untranslated. (#15759)
  * Fixed ghosting artifacts in the "Get Info" window's "Events" tab. (#12237)
  * Fixed enable/disable "View Chat Transcripts" menu item, in group chats (user list) context menu.
  * Chats can no longer refuse to quit when they're still processing content.
  * Fixed AdiumAppleScriptRunner to enable building on Lion.
  * Switched some links to
  * Fixed a bunch of non-integer view size values.

Adium 1.5b9
  * Fixed the contact list not remembering its position on Lion. (#15341, #15480)
  * Fixed the message entry area being very large when Adium is first run.
  * Fixed display of Google+ users that don't reveal their email address.
  * Fixed some display issues with the user list when resizing a small chat window.(#15577)
  * Make some labels look enabled/disabled like their respective checkbokes. (#15133)
  * Updated Growl.framework to 1.3.1, fixing a potential crash. (#15728)
  * New Adiumy menu bar icon set (by Igor Kryzhanovskyi).

  * Made additional strings localisable
  * Widenened "Advanced" preferences and "Get Info" windows to accomodate longer translations. (#15712)
  * Updated localisations: French (#15734), German (#15586, #15658), Portuguese (Portugal) (#15721), Swedish (#15726).
Adium 1.5b8
  * Make sure opening chatlog files does not show a warning in Finder about opening downloaded files. (#15573)
  * Refactoring of ESiTunesPlugin including:
    * Use same menu in menu bar, context menu and toolbar.
    * Fixed bug when replacing tokens with empty strings.
    * Make tokens un-localizable.
  * Fixed a potential crash when opening the Transcript Viewer. (#15556)
  * Fixed setting a global shortcut which used the letter "a" (yet again). (#12013)

  * Disabled elastic scroll in the text input of the message view.
  * Disabled elastic scroll in Change User Picture Menu.

  * Updated libpurple, with the following changes:
    * Fixed double mail notifications on MSN. (#11199)
    * Make disconnecting due to flooding on IRC less likely to occur. (#13920)

  * For retweets, show the full original tweet instead of the truncated retweet. (#15226)

  * Made non-localizable elements in ESStatusAdvancedPreferences localizable. (#15682)
  * Updated translations: Catalan (#14898), Czech (#15677), Danish (#15703), Dutch (#15697), Australian English (#15700), German (#15586), Portuguese (Portugal) (#15706), Swedish (#15605).

Adium 1.5b7
 * Make sure nibs are not stripped so they can be localized.

Adium 1.5b6
 * Fixed automatic updating between betas failing with the error "Can't make a temporary directory for the update download". (#15666)
 * Correct strange behavior in the messages pref pane. (#15670)
 * Further fixes of message context display. (#15377)
 * Fixed a 2px alignment issue when a normal or borderless contact window is set to vertically resize automatically. (#15626)
 * Restored bouncy scroll behavior to normal window style contact list windows.
 * Fixed crash when sending certain group chat requests. (#15674)
 * Fixed emotes ('/me' messages) in IRC private chats. (#15589)
 * Fixed global application shortcut. (#12013)
 * Fixed some issues with AppleScript. (Peter Schmitt) (#15234)
 * Fixed incorrectly formatted output in the logviewer. (#15574)

Adium 1.5b5
 * Fixed crash when loading Skype plugin. (#15590)
 * Disabled loading WebKit plugins when presenting Facebook authorization windows.
 * Fixed small leap when auto-scrolling resumes in About box.

Adium 1.5b4
 * Reduced application bundle size and memory overhead. (#15466)
 * Adium no longer erroneously reports it supports VV. (#15639)
 * Fixed a visual glitch in AB and status advanced prefs. (#15646)
 * Removed import from Fire. (#15366)
 * Increased robustness of message context display.

Adium 1.5b3
 * Fixed issue where window shadows were not initially rendered with transparent message view backgrounds (#12608)
 * Fixed sounds playing from the main sound device, and not the alert sound device. (#15529)
 * Fixed Adium's behavior with spaces and mission control. (#15408)
 * Ask the user to re-authenticate with Facebook when we get a failed password response. (#15583)
 * Fixed a crash when installing an Xtra from the website. (#15581)
 * Smooth Operator - Alternating: improved closing focus indicators when icons are disabled (via checkbox or in IRC).
 * Smooth Operator - Dark: added a faint striped texture to the background.
 * minimal_mod: enabled header hiding if the user scrolls up far enough that Adium won't scroll on new content. (And removed the changing of header opacity on hover.)

Adium 1.5b2
 * Made the separator between the text entry and message views thinner.
 * Fixed a shadow drawing error under 64 bit in PSMTabBarController
 * Fixed issue where the user count was not updated when the user list is dragged open. (#15446)
 * Fixed issue where the state of the user list was not preserved when the user list is dragged open or closed.
 * Fixed potential crash related to displaying emoticons.
 * Fixed connecting to Facebook using OAuth. (#15544)
 * Fixed numerous message view layout issues. (#15560, #15560, #15568, #15575, #15577, #15582)