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Sun, 23 Apr 2017 21:05:16 +0200
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Updated Sparkle to 1.17.0, to fix a problem when copying broken symlinks.
//  Sparkle.h
//  Sparkle
//  Created by Andy Matuschak on 3/16/06. (Modified by CDHW on 23/12/07)
//  Copyright 2006 Andy Matuschak. All rights reserved.

#ifndef SPARKLE_H
#define SPARKLE_H

// This list should include the shared headers. It doesn't matter if some of them aren't shared (unless
// there are name-space collisions) so we can list all of them to start with:

#import "SUAppcast.h"
#import "SUAppcastItem.h"
#import "SUStandardVersionComparator.h"
#import "SUUpdater.h"
#import "SUUpdaterDelegate.h"
#import "SUVersionComparisonProtocol.h"
#import "SUVersionDisplayProtocol.h"
#import "SUErrors.h"