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Docs: Remove mention of recently removed protocols, that being MSN, Yahoo, Facebook Chat, and MySpaceIM.
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<title>Email notification</title>
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		<h1>Email notification</h1>
	<p>On supported services, Adium can notify you when you receive new email on the address associated with your account. Adium will not notify of email for any other email account; Adium is not a mail client and does not intend to replace one.</p>
	<p>Adium supports mail notification for:</p>
		<li>AOL accounts</li>
		<li>AIM accounts with AIM Mail</li>
	<p>To enable mail checking</p>
		<li>double click your account in the <strong>Accounts</strong> pane of the Preferences window,</li>
		<li>click the <strong>Options</strong> tab</li>
		<li>check <strong>Check for New Mail</strong>.</li>
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