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 		<h1>File transfer</h1>
-	<p>Adium supports file transfers over AIM, XMPP ("Jabber"), MSN, and Yahoo protocols.</p>
+	<p>Adium supports file transfers over AIM, XMPP ("Jabber"), and Bonjour protocols.</p>
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 			<h3>Which protocols support file transfer?</h3>
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 					<li>AIM (hard limit of 4 GB)</li>
 					<li>ICQ (hard limit of 4 GB)</li>
-					<li>MSN</li>
 					<li>SILC (not yet in Adium)</li>
-					<li>Yahoo when not using an HTTP proxy (is relayed via a file transfer server).</li>
 					<li>XMPP ("Jabber") when neither side is behind a NAT device.</li>
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 		<p>Users behind a router or a firewall may have better luck with AIM file transfer after forwarding ports <strong>5190 - 5200</strong> to their machine.</p>
 				<li>Mac OS X 10.5 users: Add Adium to the allowed programs list in the software firewall. Go to <strong>System Preferences → Security → Firewall</strong>. If <strong>Allow all incoming connections</strong> is not selected, choose <strong>Set access for specific services and applications</strong>, click the <strong>+</strong> button, and select <strong>Adium</strong> from your Applications folder.</li>
-				<li>Mac OS X 10.4 users: The OS X software firewall can be controlled via <strong>System Preferences → Sharing → Firewall</strong>. Click on <strong>New</strong>, change Port Name to <strong>Other</strong>, then <strong>enter 5190-5200 for TCP port</strong> and "AIM" for the description.)</li>