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     1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
     2 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
     3 <html xmlns="">
     4 <head>
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     7 <meta name="description" content="MSN-specific connection problems" />
     8 <title>MSN-specific connection problems</title>
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    10 </head>
    11 <body>
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    14 </div>
    15 <div id="mainbox">
    16 	<div id="caticon"> <img src="../gfx/AdiumIcon.png" alt="Adium Icon" height="32" width="32" border="0" /> </div>
    17 	<div id="pagetitle">
    18 		<h1>MSN-specific connection problems</h1>
    19 	</div>
    20 	<div class="taskboxline">
    21 		<div class="taskboxheader">
    22 			<h3>"Retrieving Contact List 100%" / "Reading error"</h3>
    23 		</div>
    24 		<div class="taskboxtext">
    25 			<p>This is caused by "incorrect" contacts in contact lists. If you're running into this error you need you need to remove the offending contact. You can identify it by getting a debug log (see <a class="ext_link" href="">CurrentAdiumDebug</a> for instructions) and looking for the following sequence in the log:</p>
    26 				<pre>(Libpurple: msn) FQY error 241
    27 (Libpurple: msn) FQY response says 
    28 &lt;offending contact&gt; is from network 0
    29 (Libpurple: msn) Ignoring user &lt;offending contact&gt;
    30 about which server knows nothing.</pre>
    31 			<p>If removing the contact doesn't work with Adium, you could try with the original/mainline client. <a class="ext_link" href="">#p10023</a> has details.</p>
    32 		</div>
    33 	</div>
    34 	<div class="taskboxline">
    35 		<div class="taskboxheader">
    36 			<h3>"Unable to add user (Unknown error 204)"</h3>
    37 		</div>
    38 		<div class="taskboxtext">
    39 			<p>This can happen when with certain Yahoo users on your MSN contact list. The workaround for "Retrieving Contact List 100%" / "Reading error" also applies here. <a class="ext_link" href="">#p8988</a> has details.</p>
    40 		</div>
    41 	</div>
    42 		<div class="taskboxline">
    43 		<div class="taskboxheader">
    44 			<h3>"A message may not have been sent; a timeout occurred"</h3>
    45 		</div>
    46 		<div class="taskboxtext">
    47 			<p>The bug that caused this problem on some network configurations is fixed in Adium 1.4 but this error can still happen if you or the person you are talking to are having real network problems.</p>
    48 		</div>
    49 	</div>
    50 		<div class="taskboxline">
    51 		<div class="taskboxheader">
    52 			<h3>"Message could not be sent because the user is offline"</h3>
    53 		</div>
    54 		<div class="taskboxtext">
    55 			<p>(even though the user is online)</p>
    56 			<p>This is related to the the problem above and happens on some network configurations. <a class="ext_link" href="">#p10049</a> has more information.</p>
    57 		</div>
    58 	</div>
    59 		<div class="taskboxline">
    60 		<div class="taskboxheader">
    61 			<h3>"Buddy list synchronization" error</h3>
    62 		</div>
    63 		<div class="taskboxtext">
    64 			<p><a class="ext_link" href="">This Pidgin Wiki page</a> has information which helps you to solve this issue.</p>
    65 		</div>
    66 	</div>
    67 </div>
    68 <script type="text/javascript" src="../js/help.js"></script>
    69 </body>
    70 </html>