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     7 <title>MSN: Nudge / Yahoo: Buzz</title>
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    18 		<h1>MSN: Nudge / Yahoo: Buzz</h1>
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    20 	<p>Adium calls it simply “notification”, and enables you to send and receive it.</p>
    21 	<p>The same information on this page is also presented in <a href="">an Adium screencast</a> on our website, which shows the feature in action.</p>
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    24 			<h3>Presenting notifications you receive</h3>
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    27 			<p>When somebody nudges/buzzes you, the official clients will shake the window and play a sound.</p>
    28 			<p>We don't offer the window-shaking action, but we do provide our entire usual suite of event actions. You see, receiving a notification is in Adium as one of the events in the Preferences. You determine what Adium will do when one comes in.</p>
    29 			<p>In the <strong>Events</strong> pane of Adium's Preferences simply select the “Notification received” event in the list, click the <strong>+</strong> button, and choose the action you want Adium to perform. You can add as many actions as you want.</p>
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    32 			<h3>Sending notifications</h3>
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    34 		<div class="taskboxtext">
    35 			<p>There are three ways to send a notification to one of your contacts:</p>
    36 				<ul>
    37 					<li>The keyboard: Type “/nudge” / "/buzz" into the inputline and press Return or Enter.</li>
    38 					<li>The menu: Choose “Request Attention” from the Contact menu.</li>
    39 					<li>The toolbar: The “Request Attention” button is not on the chat window toolbar by default, so you need to add it.
    40 						<ul>
    41 							<li>First, right-click on the chat window toolbar and choose “Customize Toolbar…”.</li>
    42 							<li>Drag the “Request Attention” button to the toolbar. Finally, click OK. From then on, when you want to send a notification, click “Request Attention” (or the shaking-emoticon icon if you're using Icon Only mode).</li>
    43 						</ul>
    44 					</li>
    45 				</ul>
    46 		</div>
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